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Seminars for parents | Main Draw Limited

At MAIN DRAW we offer a regular seminar service for parents.

The seminars we offer cover the essential areas of tennis. From our seminars we aim to build strong relationships, creating an effective training environment and allowing for constant learning for both the players and parent/s.

We believe that a successful tennis player needs a successful team behind them; the team is made up of the player themselves, their coach and parent/s.

We also believe that it is the responsibility of the coach to continue developing their skills to pass on to the player. We actively encourage the parent/s of the player to have awareness of the fundamentals and stresses of player development to assist with the player’s development.

We welcome any questions and feedback on any of our seminars please let us know your thoughts. Our aim is always to deliver tangible information that can be instantly put to use.

Posted by Vicky Wild on August 30, 2019